Ben Polanco

Hailing from the heart of Dallas, Benjamin "Ben" Polanco is the rhythmic backbone and co-founder of the band "Laredo Two," a musical journey that began in 2019 alongside his lifelong best friend, Tyler Ross.

Ben's passion for music was ignited in his early years, a flame that never flickered despite several attempts to master various instruments. It wasn't until his father gifted him a pre-loved drum kit that he found his true calling. With each beat, he discovered a unique voice that resonated with his soul.

His drumming style, distinct yet versatile, is heavily influenced by the likes of Carter Beauford, Jimmy Chamberlin, Thomas Pridgen, and Vinnie Colaiuta. Ben continues to mold his sound, blending these influences with his own style to create an audacious rhythm that has become a signature of Laredo Two.

From the raw beats of his used drum kit to the pulsing heart of Laredo Two, Ben Polanco remains a steadfast devotee of his craft, constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of rhythm and sound.
@ 2024 Laredo Two.
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