Ryan Shukla

Ryan Shukla is the vibrant and versatile bass player for Laredo Two. At just 22 years old, Ryan's musical journey has been an inspiring progression of passion and talent, beginning with his introduction to piano at the age of 10.

Balancing a dynamic lifestyle, Ryan not only excels in music but also imparts wisdom as a martial arts instructor and expands his own knowledge as a dedicated student at the esteemed University of Texas at Dallas. These varied interests reflect his well-rounded personality and contribute to the depth and richness of his music.

Ryan's musical voyage took a transformative turn when he fell in love with the guitar, eventually leading him to the captivating rhythm of bass. Influenced by the musical mastery of Roger Lima, Ryan Martinie, and Tony Lombardo, Ryan infuses his performances with elements inspired by these legends while maintaining his unique style. His innovative bass renditions are a testament to his individuality, making him an invaluable asset to the distinct sound of Laredo Two. With every note he plays, Ryan continues to inspire and captivate audiences with his musical prowess.
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