Tyler Ross

Co-founder, lead singer, and songwriter of the indie rock trio Laredo Two, Tyler Ross is a seasoned guitarist with over a decade of experience. He embarked on this thrilling musical journey alongside his best friend, Ben Polanco. Together, they have transformed Laredo Two into a captivating force in the music industry, known for delivering spellbinding performances.
The band's unique sound is deeply influenced by Tyler's broad musical palette, which spans various genres - from the soothing strains of Bluegrass to the intense rhythms of Death Metal. His musical inspirations include iconic bands like My Chemical Romance, Switchfoot, Alex G, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Jimmy Eat World. These influences have greatly shaped the band's distinctive sound and style.
Tyler's role in Laredo Two extends beyond performance - he is the band's creative powerhouse, having led them to record four studio projects with more exciting endeavors lined up for the future. A lifelong learner, he continually fine-tunes his skills and stays updated with the latest music trends, infusing fresh elements into Laredo Two's music.
Tyler's passion for music reverberates through each song and performance. His infectious enthusiasm inspires not just his bandmates but also their growing legion of fans. Under Tyler's dynamic leadership, Laredo Two is set to continue its exciting journey in the music world, promising more unforgettable performances and innovative music.
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